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QR Codes in the Boardroom


QR codes have been used in the classroom to make it easier for students to access multimedia content to supplement the lessons they have in class. In some schools, books and handouts often have QR codes on them to help make learning interactive and fun.

Some companies are also using QR codes. And no, it is not just limited to marketing!

QR codes used in presentations

One of the areas where QR codes are being used is in presentations.

You can prepare a slideshow highlighting only the important points and have a QR code on these slides for people who would be interested to learn more about the data, statistics, study or annual report that you are discussing.

QR codes make reports come alive

If you are dealing with written reports, you can use a QR code to make your report easily come alive with audio files and videos. If graphs, charts and tables are not enough, why not make your data come alive. You could also record a short presentation based on your written report and put it behind the QR code.

QR codes for confidential data

A lot of times, we find ourselves handling confidential and sensitive information that should not be seen by the wrong pair of eyes. With QR codes, you can easily safeguard your confidential information!

For example, you might have a presentation on the company’s new drug and how these are faring while it is being clinically tested. Instead of printing everything in your report, and keeping the presentation materials under lock and key and hope not one copy gets lost, you can just keep the data online, secure it with a password and put the URL behind a QR code.

During your presentation, you can ask people to scan the QR code and provide them with the password.

This way, even if your assistant leaves a page of your report inside the photocopier, people would not be able to access your data. Even if they do figure out what your QR code leads to, they will need the password to access the data itself.  

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