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QR Codes in School Settings


BeQRious.com has previously reported about universities that use QR codes in some of their publications, such as the University of Arkansas and Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. We have also delved on the use of QR codes in education, including this discussion on QR codes appearing on the Periodic Table of Elements found in our forums.

BeQRious.com is elated that more and more schools, colleges and universities are embracing QR codes. Admittedly, some do more than others. We would like to highlight the efforts of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The University has been at the forefront of the adoption of QR codes even as the technology itself is not exactly that widespread there. In fact, Rob Flanagan at the GuelphMercury.com describes the University as a pioneer of the technology, being among the first to use it.

Flanagan detailed the University’s efforts with QR codes. The U of G has included the codes in its 2011 admissions handbook. These codes are placed within different courses of the handbook, and if you scan them, you can view videos of students talking about their experience while enrolled in a particular degree or about their life in the University.

If that is not enough, the U of G would also use QR codes in its acknowledgment packages. These packages are given to lucky students who are accepted into the University and will take these students to another video showing the University president, Alistair Summerlee, welcoming the new addition. Other codes lead to video tours around the campus and its facilities.

The University of Guelph also has plans to use the QR codes in an upcoming on-campus technology conference, in every relevant process from registrations to information material and even name tags. They are taking cue from other conferences that make use of QR codes in their name tags, making it easier for people to store your contact and personal information with just a scan

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