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QR Codes in Hotels


QR codes are increasingly becoming popular. You see them everywhere and by that we mean everywhere.

QR codes have been used by hotels for quite some time now. And why not? QR codes, because of their flexibility and affordability, make for a great marketing tool. Sean Hart at Ogilvy One says that hotels should start to include QR codes into their overall marketing strategy because they help connect the online and offline worlds. It could help your customers to get into your social media sites, effectively giving you a great way to start and build your community. You can also give out discounts and promotions.

How have hotels used QR codes for their marketing? Here are some real world examples:

1. Hide porn in hotel room.

Modez Hotel in the Netherlands has differently themed rooms. One of them is a room filled with QR codes, from the walls to the curtains, right down to the bed sheet and the ottoman. But what makes the QR codes unique is that they actually take the guest to porn. Yes, when a guest scans a QR code put up in the room, it serves up a saucy photo or illicit videos and other similarly adults-only material.

2. Get more guests.

The Ritz-Carlton has used QR codes and a mobile app to get more people into its hotels. People can just scan the QR code and use the app to reserve a room and even check their rewards points. Different locations have different activities as well. In a Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, the QR code and mobile app combination gives guests ideas on which foods would go well with a certain kind of wine. In Brazil, the QR codes give guests a chance to play a scavenger hunt within the hotel premises.

In the next installment, get more ideas on how to use QR codes for hotel marketing.

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