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QR Codes In Emails A Brand New Way Of Engaging Consumers


It is a given that email marketing, i.e. newsletters via emails, remains relevant in the world of online advertising and marketing today despite the fact that all other advertising mediums are facing a threat from mobile marketing.

People are increasingly impatient and demanding and would veer towards faster information and more convenient access. For example, when reading a magazine and seeing advertisements in magazines or a newspapers, the advertisement that gave them instant info would be the winner. Therefore, advertisers are quick to adopt any way at all that they can find (without breaking their budgets) to present the information to their consumers. The aim is now to capture audiences’ attention and drive sales.

How is email marketing going to keep up to the game? Very simply, they can generate their own QR Codes and attach it to the emails that they send out regularly to their customers, of course!

Traditionally, email marketers would create links to promotional sites or pages in their newsletter in their effort to drive sales up. But in order to make things a little bit more interesting and innovative, QR Codes can be used as well. Considering the fact that more than ninety percent of people in the United States said that they kept their mobile phones, be it smart phone or the more traditional phone-calls-only types of cell phone, close by twenty four hours, this is an apt move. The stat was pulled out by a study done by the Mobile Marketing Association and conducted by Morgan Stanley and Jupiter Research.

QR Codes is merely a new way to create consumer touch points whereby they are rewarded with free shipping, discounts, feedback and other incentives to make a purchase. The point is to give them a reason to click on the link or scan the QR Code. The fact is that most of us have our phones with us, within reach, most times of the day and when we get an email, let’s admit it, we have very short attention span. You either capture our attention within the first few seconds or it is bye-bye-baby. Advertisers are trying very hard not to be the latter.

Emails are great in a sense that they bring us information but they are static and old. With a QR Code, it adds a new twist, a new touch whereby consumers can get the information that they want right there and then…no fuss, no fight. Plus, it acts as a very effective call to action which is what is missing in email marketing.

What is even more intriguing is that these codes are very trackable which bridges the gap between medias. Many email marketers do not have a way to gauge whether their emails are being read or are canned the very moment their target reads it. That does not have to be the case anymore.

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