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QR Codes in China


You may think that China is very progressive, especially when it comes to manufacturing and high tech stuff. But do you know that the Chinese is just now discovering QR codes?

Marketers in the country are starting to put QR codes on their product. These early initiatives are getting media attention, and more people are now getting themselves familiar with it. A lot of articles are also explaining how the QR codes work, what to do with them and where they have been seen..

It is amazing, it is very much like what happened way back in 2007 through 2009 when QR codes were just being introduced in the United States.

It is not the first time that QR codes have showed up in the Asian country. But to give you an idea of just how fresh QR codes are, you will have to know that Beijing Lingdong Kuaipai Information Technology Co. is the first to come up with a scanning software, which it launched only in 2011.

In 2012, telecom and Internet service provider Tencent followed suit but this time, they created a QR code scanner that would work with their WeChat service.

What does this mean for US companies? It is very simple. If you have a product and China is one of your markets for this product, you could probably use the same QR code campaigns that you are using here with the Chinese market.

Not only that, companies looking to use QR codes in China will still have that novelty to work with. They could come up with QR code campaigns that would pique the curiosity of the target audience, so that they could get a lot of scans.

Of course, no matter where you are going to use the QR codes, the best practices remain the same. This means that you should take time to mobile optimize your landing pages, if you are going to take your customers to a Web site using their smartphones or tablets. You should make sure that the QR code is scannable and clearly read. Offer clear benefits to encourage them to scan your QR codes. Lastly and most importantly, be sure to include instructions on where to get a QR code scanner and what to do with the codes.

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