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QR Codes Hit Frankfurt Trains


When left with nothing but to stand or sit around while waiting to get to their intended destination, those moments are the best for advertisements. Modern folks spend a considerably long time idling time away while in transit. And it doesn’t matter whether you are taking the train, the bus, a cab or driving. Those who live in busy cities can attest to the famous snarling traffic jams the world over.

That is maybe why many advertising companies target these spots. Posters and booklets with or without QR Codes can be found pasted up on walls of bus stops, railway stations and also inside of these vehicle. When the commuters have nothing to do but to stare ahead, they either call a friend or read a book. And there you have it – the perfect moment to capture their attention.

Frankfurt commuters who make use of the U-Bahn commuter services can now find QR Codes which contain travel information on-the-go. Each carriage will have these posters and along with the poster, there will be QR Codes linking to online content that users of smart phones can access with the help of a QR Code reader.

All of this, however, is a mere pilot project or more accurately, a six month long test-run. Within these six months, commuters will see more posters with such quaint little QR Codes printed on them and they are, for official reasons, called the ‘Info Modules’. These QR Code Info Modules will be placed on U1 to U5 carriages that travels underground and is a popular mode of transportation for the locals. Apparently, the Ebbelwei Express will also be carrying these posters.

As to what kind of information is made available through the QR Codes – they will bring users travel information like connection trams, mobile ticketing, special events and also, more interestingly, unique tourist destinations that may be of interest to holiday-goers.

So, let’s say you are in Frankfurt for a holiday and you want to find more information about how to get to a particular destination, all you need to do is to scan the QR Code with the QR Code reader and be led to a website with the information that you need. On top of that, they’ll recommend a few points of interest that you might want to stop at.

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