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QR Codes: Helping Holiday Sales


It is not a secret that the holidays are a great time for businesses. People are buying and they are buying en masse.

It is said that it is possible to double your sales during the holidays. That is not an exaggeration, as many people are looking for gifts for their family, friends and loved ones.

So how are you going to use QR codes to help push holiday sales?

Use QR codes in an effort to extend the holiday period.

Most of the time, retailers are focused on the last three months of the year to ramp up their holiday offerings. Why not use QR codes to offer discounts to holiday items as early as August and September?

You could put up QR codes all around your store or on flyers offering big discounts to people who coming into your store this early to buy gifts for their loved ones. This will ensure that you can corner a bigger part of the market when everybody else is not yet paying attention.

Use QR codes to promote your mobile store.

Recent studies from both comScore and Millennial Media has found out that people are spending more and more time on mobile retail sites, increasing by as much as 385% since 2010. In fact, 51% of the traffic that retail sites get is from mobile users.

People are not only visiting from your mobile site, but they are buying as well.

So why not help them find your mobile sites easily by putting the URLs up on QR codes? A simple scan of your QR codes and your customers are instantly taken to your mobile retail site!

Beef up your holiday list with QR codes.

If you are into email marketing, you can certainly use QR codes to help add more people to your list. By offering a deal or a discount via QR codes, you can ask for their e-mail addresses in exchange for future discounts and coupons. When they scan a QR code, they will be asked to enter their e-mail addresses before they can access the coupons or discounts you are offering.

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