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QR Codes Help You Have Fun While Getting Dirty


On July 16 to July 24, hundreds of people trooped to Boryeong South Korea to take part in its annual mud festival.

Don’t worry, the mud that they wallowed in were brought to Daecheon beach and is known to be rich in minerals.  In fact, this mud is used for manufacturing cosmetics.

If you still don’t think that getting mud splattered all over your body, you can still enjoy the various activities they lined up for visitors such as a street parade, yacht parade, local trade fair, mud massage, wrestling competitions and many more.

But this year, they decided to highlight more than just the healthy and clean mud, but also other Boryeong products.  How?  By using QR codes.  

According to the 2D-Code.co.uk website, the organizers came up with 22 colorful QR codes to give people more information about the seafood and farm produce that they sell.  Each customized QR code goes to a mobile site that gives more information about that particular product.

This is a great example of how QR codes can help communities raise more awareness for their local commerce.  Festival organizers leveraged the popularity of the mud festival to come up with ways to also show people that the festival, which only happens once a year, is not the only reason why people should go to Boryeon.

Further, using customized QR codes help the organizers keep in line with the spirit of fun that is prevalent during the mud festival.    Why use boring old black and white QR codes when you can use a full array of colors to match the fun all around?

Lastly, the use of mobile websites.  With 22 different products to highlight and showcase, on top of the festival itself and its other activities, it would have been very difficult and boring to have all the information printed out on some brochure or leaflet.  With the QR codes, people can select which products they are more interested in and zoom in on that.

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