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QR Codes Help Students about the Dangers of Bad Driving


Students in Rocky Mount, Virginia, learned more about driving safely through a combination of simulated car crashes, iPads, and QR codes.

The QR codes that the students scanned delivered shocking videos, while other videos taught them about the importance of wearing seat belts and about why they should avoid texting or using mobile phones while driving.

The QR codes and the iPads are the latest addition to the standard crash presentation this year. The project is the product of months of preparation and a $10,000 federal budget.

The safety presentation was conducted by officers from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, a state police trooper and police officers from Roanake, Salem and Bedford Counties. Their audience: students from the Gereau Center for Applied Technology and Career Exploration.

The QR code idea was from Alisa Goodwin, daughter of DMV safety program manager Steve Goodwin. The project was made possible with a $10,000 federal grant from the DMV and with regional traffic officers working on linking the videos to QR codes. They also bought 13 iPads for use during the presentation.

Roanoke County Police Sgt. Tim Wyatt explained that the traditional crash presentation involved a lot of activities such as letting the students wear warped goggles while trying to drive a golf cart to help simulate drunk driving and showing how airbags are deployed. Because of the sheer number of activities, however, students’ attention often wander and they do not pay attention.

However, with the iPad and the QR codes, Wyatt said that the students paid attention this time. The students were told to put on earphones and go through the crash site demos. Instead of just giving them the standard, bland and boring video messages, they were shown a variety of videos that included crash scene aftermaths, among others.

The result? The students not only paid attention, but they got a lesson that would stick with them for a very long time. 

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