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QR Codes Help Shoppers in Amsterdam Shop Outside of Business Hours


In Amsterdam, QR codes are now being used for a different kind of window shopping.

Amsterdam has a popular shopping area called The Nine Streets or De 9 Straatjes where you could find a collection of shops, hotels, museums, restaurants, and art and culture centers. It is located in the heart of Amsterdam. The good news is that, you can be out as late as midnight or be there before dawn and still shop with your mobile phone and QR codes.

All these thanks to QRoute. More than 30 shops in De 9 Straatjes are participating in the program. You can scan a QR code next to a product displayed on their windows and have it delivered to your doorstep in an attractive gift box two days later. For some stores, their shop window would feature the products they sell and you can scan the QR code and you will be taken to a mobile site that lists all the products they have on display. You can just choose which products you want to buy .

You would need to download a mobile app from 9straatjesonline. If you have an iPhone, point your browsers here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/9straatjesonline.com/id561688353?mt=8

The whole system is powered by PayPal.

PayPal reports that they are looking to get into entering mobile shopping because they think that technology would change how people shop in the future, with mobile devices being a central part of it. In the Netherlands, 44% of the population are using smartphones, and they expect it to reach 75% by 2014.

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