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QR Codes Help Save Unborn Babies

A lot of women often find themselves considering abortion if they are faced with an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. For some women, they do have a choice between going through the pregnancy and missing out of what life has to offer them in terms of career, studies and other personal matters. Or they could just terminate the pregnancy and get an abortion.

The Cleveland Right to Life Education Fund, a group of pro-life counselors in Cleveland, Ohio, is looking to change that kind of thinking with the help of QR codes.

The group is placing a QR code on business cards, flyers and other materials that they have. When people scan it, they are shown a video that depicts various 4D or 3D ultrasound images of fetuses from eight weeks to 34 weeks. The video lasts for three minutes and shows the fetus developing in that time.

The group is also responsible for Truth Booth, a kiosk that shows the same images in various places in Canada and the United States. They said that it was all a matter of bringing the content to smartphones, and ultimately a lot more people.

Cleveland Right to Life also says that they hope the QR codes serve as a window to the womb. Molly Smith, the group’s president, says that statistics have shown that many women who consider an abortion tend to change their minds when they see images of an unborn child. Smith says that they hope that their literature would be read by women who think that abortion is the solution to their problem. The group says that these pictures are scientific and really shows fetuses smiling, kicking and yawning in the womb. They also said that they do not wish to provoke controversy.

The QR codes also come with a toll-free number that the would-be mother could call to get information and resources on pregnancy.

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