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QR Codes Help e-Merchants Get Repeat Orders


QR codes are a great marketing tool in that they make it easier to link an offline marketing materials such as a flyer, poster or business card to online content. In effect, QR codes make your flyers, posters and other marketing materials come alive.

Because of the flexibility of QR codes, it is now being used for e-Commerce applications as well. PracticaleCommerce.com published an interview with Dr. Alex Heiphetz, the owner of AHG. AHG is the company behind QRwave.

QRwave is a smartphone e-commerce app that allows people to buy things just by scanning their QR codes and entering a quantity. The order is processed. Because of its simplicity and ease of use, QR codes are actually facilitating more purchases of the item you have.

It also helps to promote customer loyalty. Because you are making the buying experience so much easier and faster, your customers will choose you over your competitors. Just think about it, with a QR code purchasing system that is easy to use you do not have to get in line at the cash register. You also do not have to wait. This would be an added value for your store, a competitive advantage over your rival.

What’s more, you could tie the system to your inventory. As people buy using the QR code, it gets tallied to your system and you would know when to re-order. This just means that you would always have the item in stock when somebody wants to buy it.

QRwave is a paid service that involves $300 to set up and a recurring $100 per month for the first 2,000 products you put under it. However, you could come up with your own mobile app to do the same. This way, you get to save on the monthly charges and customize your app exactly to your specifications.

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