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QR Codes Good For Food Trucks

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Many people in the United States, especially those in the working world, get their food fixes during lunch breaks from food trucks. They are just so much faster and more convenient than checking into restaurants and diners or cafes because usually, there is minimal time wastage. Combine that with the fact that many people have smartphones now and lunch breaks are usually when people check into their online social networking accounts.

That is one of the contributing factor as to why food trucks like those selling Chinese takeaways and pizzas are finding QR Code technology fun, cheap, effective and to make the deal even sweeter, they are completely eco-friendly too. So, if you are a food truck business owner, you can hop onto the green trail too! You save money because you no longer have to print as many flyers and brochures to hand out and you get additional advertising perks. Fantastic deal, I would have to say.

These two dimensional barcodes seems to have hit it off big time with the general consumer.

A study was done on how many people actually use QR Codes on a daily basis and it was revealed that amongst those interviewed, more than twenty percent of Americans have scanned a QR Code in the last three months. They could have scanned QR Codes for loyalty programs, from ads and also to get links and download media stuff online.

Pizza joint owners found the technology useful because once they have printed the QR Codes into their boxes or packaging, users can save the QR Codes into their phones. The QR Codes will link the users to up-to-date menus and order page on a website or application. Moreover, users can use the QR Code on their mobile phones AND tablets, which translates into flexibility and convenience for the users. Hence, they can order their takeout ahead of time and collect it during lunch time.

It makes a whole lot of difference for those who change their menu or deal of the day often. Instead of having to print different flyers or menu every time they make a change, all they have to do now is to update the page that the QR Code leads to. The QR Code will also tells people the exact location of the food truck.

And of course, for online social media users, this means that updating your fans on Facebook and Twitter so much easier too. It is, like I have always said, a win-win situation for everyone.

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