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QR Codes Going to the Dogs? Why Not!


Who thinks QR codes are for human consumption only?

Believe it or not, there are now quick response codes for man’s best friends.

dogIDs – which provides custom dog collars and dog tags, dog leashes, and dog beds – in partnership with PetHub, has added a new line of personalized dog ID tags called QR Code ScruffTag™.  This new selection of collars contains a web address as well as an engraved QR code that leads to any kind of online content the dog owner wants.

The ScruffTag collars are designed in such a way that they sit on the back of the dogs’ necks, thus making it easy for people to scan the QR code.  You would not need to reach under the dog’s mouth or to touch it in order to scan the code with your smartphone.

The web address on the tag will point you to a secure and free lifetime membership profile page on PetHub.com.

This page will contain helpful and updated information about the dog, including its name, its photos, the owner’s name and contact details, emergency contacts, the dog’s medication and dietary needs information, medical history, care and grooming instructions, training facts, etc.  These data can be shared securely by the dog owner with vets, care providers, family and friends.

The PetHub profile page works like a social network and a user can log in anytime, anywhere and check on their dogs.  This way, pet owners no longer need to worry about giving or writing out care instructions in case they go on business trips or on vacation.  All they have to do is give the care provider access to the page.

This new application for QR codes is aimed at giving owners a way to connect their dogs to a network that would protect their beloved pets.

The collar’s engraved QR code, on the other hand, will direct scanners to any information on the PetHub site that owners decide to show publicly.  This way, when a dog gets lost, the finder would only need to take out his smartphone and scan the code, and he’d know whom to call.

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