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QR codes Get Scanned by 2.75 Million Americans Every Day


Arbitron and Edison Research has done a recent survey of smartphone users in the United States and found that a large number use QR codes daily. More specifically, the study found that there are 2.75 million Americans who use quick response codes on a regular basis, to an extent where they scan codes at least once daily.

The survey involved 2,021 respondents above 12 years old. The data was weighted to the U.S. -wide population figures of 12 years and above.

When it comes to the amount of scanning that the two-dimensional matrix barcodes are getting, results are quite interesting. According to the study, about 21% of those who own smartphones have scanned QR codes at least once in their lives. Moreover, among Americans who use smartphones, some 2% were using QR codes at least once daily for various purposes. These numbers suggest that there are around 2.75 million smartphone-using Americans who use QR codes daily.

The results of this survey eliminates suggestions by some in the mobile technology industry that QR codes are no longer being used and that they will soon be obsolete and dead.

Aside from QR code scanning data, Arbitron and Edison Research also observed a lot of certain other behaviors that interests the mobile commerce industry. For example, among the respondents, some 83% have used their smartphones to do web browsing – 61% of them doing their browsing on a daily basis and 22% doing it lesser. And then there are these statistics pertaining to social media sites. Around 63% of the survey respondents use and access social networking sites through their smartphones – with 46% of them doing it every day. As for retail coupons, 25% of the respondents accessed retailer coupons via their smartphnes, with 5% of that number doing so at least once a day.

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