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QR Codes from LibeTech Can Open Doors for You


LibeTech has come out with an idea that allows you to open doors with a QR code. Instead of having to fumble for keys and dig it from the bottom of your bag, all you need is a QR code, have the camera at your door and scan it, and, if it is successful, the system will open the door.

The QR code actually takes the place of a physical key or even a swipe card. This makes it possible for those who do not own a smartphone to still get in.

You use a simple Web interface to add in all the people you want to have the QR code key and they are sent a QR code through their e-mails.

The product comes from Cornell students Lindsey Brous, Harris Nord, Kaitlin Uebele, and Jeremy Blum. The students developed the product and entered it at the school’s BOOM 2012 contest, an annual business plan fete. The project made it to the top five and earned the Verizon and GE awards for innovation.

Now they want to put it out on the market, but not as a commercial product. Yes, they are not selling it. Instead you can make one for your own.

If you want to create the system for your home, you can follow Blum’s step by step guide here:


Is it safe?

One of the biggest draws of this kind of system is that it is very convenient. You do not even have to provide a smartphone for every member of your family. You can just print the QR code on a laminated tag or ID card. Or just store it on your feature phone. Or even put it at the back of a cardboard the size of your business card.

You might balk at how safe or secure it is. But think about it, without the QR code nobody can gain entry to your house unless they break their way in. You just need to keep your QR codes safe.

If you want to, you can even program it so that you could give out QR codes to the people you trust even when you are not around. A visiting relative calls you to say that they are outside your door and you’re at the office? No problem, just let them check their e-mails to get their code.

It would be nice, however, if you could change the QR codes at whim to make it more secure. Or perhaps if the system allows you to have different access levels. For example, visiting relatives would get a QR code that would only work for a week or two, while family members get a different QR code that works forever.

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