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QR Codes for Tennessee Transportation Department and USPS


We have written about several government bodies and public organizations taking advantage of Quick Response codes to improve their services and to better inform residents or citizens about relevant matters. Even these groups or institutions acknowledge how smartphone usage has gone up lately and how more and more people are using QR codes for various reasons.

So now, for the latest government-related QR code news…

Tennessee Transportation Map sports a QR Code

The official Tennessee Transportation Map for 2012 contains a Quick Response code that allows scanners to link to the mobile web application of the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Through this new app – called the TDOT SmartWay Mobile – motorists will be able to get traffic information in real-time.

And we all know how useful real-time traffic updates can be. So being able to access these updates in a very easy and convenient manner is something motorists or drivers can truly appreciate.

The map, which is a product of a joint effort between the TDOT and the Tennessee Department of Tourism Development, is available for free download at the TDOT site: http://www.tn.gov/tdot/maps.htm You can also get them for free at rest areas and welcome centers across Tennessee.

USPS to Reprise QR Code Discount Promotion

The United States Postal Service will reprise its 2D barcode offer once approved by the Postal Regulatory Commission. The USPS first launched its Mobile Barcode Promotion last summer, as part of its efforts to encourage commercial mailers.

As part of this year’s promo, the USPS will be offering a 3% discount on standard and first-class mails, as well as cards and flats, to mailers who include a two-dimensional barcode – such as a QR code or a Microsoft Tag – that takes scanners to an online content.

USPS hopes that this year’s promotion will be more streamlined than last year. That’s because the 2011 edition was reportedly hampered by a lot of qualification strictures.

The promo, if approved by the PRC, will run from July to August.

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