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QR Codes for Prescription Meds


The use of QR codes have now spread well beyond its use in marketing and education. It is seen around the home as well.

Prescription medication can be made safer with QR codes. You can put a QR code on your prescription medication and medicines so that people in your household could easily know the right dosage, side effects and possible counter indications that it may have. This will be good during emergencies when you would need some types of medicine and nobody in your house knows what to give you.

However, when it comes to medicines, there is an application for QR codes that we would like to see out there. How many times have you missed taking meds because you simply forgot about it? So how about getting QR codes to help you schedule your meds?

A simple scan of a QR code on your medicine’s packaging will take you to a calendar app that will automatically set up alarms to tell you that it is time to take your meds.

Maybe pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers could set up a system that would make it easy for people to set up alarms. The QR code would take the user to that product’s specific page, input the time that he or she took the meds and it would automatically do the rest.

Another great use for QR codes when it comes to medicines is to have it store important numbers. Perhaps it could help you call your doctor if you need to replenish your prescription, or emergency hotline numbers other than 911.

Further, it would make sense to use QR codes to promote generic brands of expensive branded medicines if they are available. For example, scanning a QR code found on packaging for aspirin would lead you to a Web site that gives you comparable medicines, their side effects and even more affordable brands.

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