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QR Codes for Innovative Product Packaging


QR codes are great little additions to your product packaging for a lot of reasons.  

Most marketers put up QR codes on their packaging to direct buyers to their websites, where they could find out more about their product, the company, and other stuff.  Their aim is to give out information and also to strengthen their brands, and influence how people them.

Other brands put out QR codes on their products to let people participate in a rewards program, where their loyal customers are given discounts, free stuff and other premium prizes.

Packaging QR codes have also been used for promotions and raffles.  For example, buy a loaf of bread and there is a QR code on the packaging, when scanned you can get the bread for free or get half the price off the next time.

QR codes on product packaging is nothing new, and it demonstrates just how flexible QR codes are and how you could use it for different reasons and towards different ends.

One idea we had from the BeQRious forums entitled QR codes on DIY furniture, illustrates another use for QR codes on product packaging that would not only give more information about the product or the brand, it would actually add more value to the product in itself.

If you have ever bought furniture that you have to assemble, you would know the headaches and the heartaches that comes with trying to figure it all out on your own.  For some of us, even printed instruction manuals and illustrations can’t help us with assembling a chair, or a bedside table.

Here comes QR codes to the rescue.  The furniture company places a QR code on the packaging or inside the instruction manual.  When your buyer scans the QR code, it takes them to an instructional video that would help them get through the assembly process step-by-step.

Not only does this make more sense, and makes it more convenient for your buyers to assemble your furniture, you will get an edge over other sellers  who do not use the same strategy.  You offer furniture at a lower price minus the attendant headaches of having to assemble it.

Another innovative use of QR codes on product packaging comes from McDonald’s Japan, where they put up a QR code on their hamburgers.  Once the customer scans the QR code, he or she is taken to a page that lists the burger’s nutritional information.

We are sure there are a lot of creative ideas on how to use QR codes on your product packaging to add value to your product.  You may have heard of some things that you would like to share with us.  We’d love to hear from you!


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