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QR Codes Figure in Fake Estonian Flag Report?


We know that QR codes are everywhere and it is used for almost anything, but how will you feel about having a QR code in your national flag?

It would seem that Estonia might be thinking of being the first country on earth to include a QR code in their national flag. That is if the country’s Reform Party had its way.

The Estonian Reform Party has allegedly filed a motion to amend the country’s National Symbols Act of 1992, a move that would allow them to put up a QR code on their flag.

The controversial move is allegedly being contested by the rival and more conservative IRL.

Apparently, the Reform Party is looking to include a QR code on its flag because they want to drive the point that Estonia is the destination if you want to go to a tech country. They are in competition with Finland to become the hotbed of innovation in the area.

If you have noticed how we have used allegedly and apparently in this article. That is because we are not sure that the news item is true at all.

It did come out of the Estonian Public Broadcasting Web site, but when we check out some details, we could not find any other news outlet that carried the story. For one, we wanted to know where the alleged QR code would take scanners to. What content would be behind the QR code? And another, we wanted to find out if it is true that Finland wanted to add an Angry Bird emblem to their own national flag.

Seeing that there were no other reports on these factoids offered by the news report, it would seem that the story is fake.

Another giveaway? It was published on April 1, 2013.

So what do you think? Have QR codes found another purpose? If so, do you think it is as a part of a country’s national flag, or the topic of a very well-crafted April Fool’s joke?

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