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QR Codes Facilitate Voter Registrations 30,000 Feet up in the Air


Rock the Vote has been very active in making it easier for new voters to register. They first came out with T-shirts printed with QR codes on them. When scanned, these QR codes would take you to the mobile site at http://www.scantovote.org. The site has an easy to follow guide on how to register to vote online. The move is all part of a campaign aimed at getting 1.5 million new registrations for the upcoming elections.

Now, Rock the Vote is literally taking it to the heavens as they put up QR codes on Virgin America flights from San Francisco to Washington DC.

Working with Virgin America, you can register by going through the in-flight entertainment system and scanning the QR code. Virgin America has an in-flight Internet connection that you could use to access the URL behind the QR code.

Rock the Vote also accepts donations that you make just by swiping a credit card.

We think that this is a good move to ensure that busy people can get the time to register. With hours to kill on a flight, what better task can you do than being part of this democracy?

In addition, it would be cool to say that you registered to vote on a plane.

Remember, however, that only 10 states allow voters to register online. If you are not living in these states, you can still scan the QR codes and enter your information. The system will automatically fill out a form and e-mails it to you. Now all you have to do is to print it out, sign it and then mail it.

Rock the Vote is also very active in using not just QR codes, but also social media. The organization has been using Facebook and Twitter in spreading awareness for its campaigns. Therefore, you can easily register using the QR codes and then tell all your friends about it!

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