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QR Codes Extends Art Works and Also Provides New Experience


We have heard of QR codes used in art. Specifically, artworks with QR codes on their description tags. But have you heard of QR codes integrated into the painting itself?

You should therefore take a look at the latest works of painter and mobile designer Jose Torres, known as Tony Taj in the artistic world. His painting style consists mainly of intricate cityscapes on canvass and is seemingly inspired by the lives of people who work and live inside the buildings that he paints.

His most recent works gives us not only the views painted on canvases but the stories within the scenery, too. He created stories around the characters in his paintings and he shares these stories with us through QR codes. He calls these codes as Ambient Media Portal or AMP.

Torres integrates a number of blended QR codes into his artworks. Scanning a code will give one a deep insight into what’s happening in the painting. More specifically, the scanner will be taken to another artwork, which could be a live character video, a song, an animation, or lyrics.

The good thing about these codes is that Torres periodically changes the linked material so you can scan the code again and again and get to view or learn something new.

Torres said that he came up with the idea of integrating quick response codes into his paintings because he wanted something to enhance a person’s physical experience when looking at an artwork and he wanted a way for that artwork’s meaning to evolve.

Presently, only three of Torres’ latest paintings have QR codes embedded in them. And as of now, these codes only resolve to animations. In order for him to produce and expand more interesting character stories, Torres artist has sought Kickstarter’s help. Torres aims to be able to get $20,000 within one month, and pledges start at only one dollar.

These funds will be used to pay web developers and extra artists who help expand the AMP project. Those who pledge a certain amount will be able to bring home limited edition prints and canvases of the sets.

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