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QR Codes Entering Mainstream


People are ditching their conventional phones for smart phones and it is finally time to admit that QR Code, as far as mobile marketing is concerned, is considered ‘heading towards mainstream’. After so much skepticism and negativity when QR Code technology first hit US shores, this is much-welcomed news. 

How do we know that QR Codes are hitting mainstream? 


Well, for one, more big companies have now hopped into the bandwagon. And not only are they doing so with so much enthusiasm but advertising agencies are also selling the technology quite excitedly to their clients, trying to get them to join the trend…and many of them are convinced that this is the way the world is going. The internet is at the palm of everyones’ hands…or glued to their ears. 

Not only are the big players in on the game, we are seeing some really creative stuff popping up everywhere…or maybe it is just a New York thing at the moment. The city that never sleeps is surely game for such technology, for sure. And when it comes to New York City, well, we are talking about big time fashion designers and not to mention, world-class artists and artistes. We have to say that some of these designer QR Codes are amazingly awesome and classy. 

People are coming up with QR Code designing contests, game shows, events and also galleries to showcase the talents that some geeks, apparently, possess. Says who geeks can’t be creative, eh? 

If God did not grant you the combo talent of being designing your own code and customizing it to suit yourself or your business, you can get in touch with OUR geeks who are always game to come up with a nice QR Code for you. We are able to adjust and inject your own personal style into the QR Codes so, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

After chatting around with some industry experts and advertising consultants, we agreed on one thing – that the skepticism is finally waning off. People are beginning to catch on. They see it working and believes that this could be a whole new platform that is linked to the internet that they can tap into without breaking the bank. 

So, in the meantime, go ahead and create your own QR Code completely free of charge here and then explore ways to use it in your offline world. If you have interesting and creative ways to use the QR Codes that you have created, please leave a comment. We would love to hear from our readers. 

Have a splendid day ahead. 

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