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QR Codes Enter The Austrian Political Scene


It is only a matter of time (according to us) that people in the political arena realize the importance, relevance and beauty of using QR Codes. There are tons of places you might expect to see a QR Code, actually, like product packaging, labels and even on fishes, but on a brick?

Well, not a real one. You see, this is Andreas Balogh’s way to promoting his Facebook Group which has been named ‘Can a soul-less brick have more friends than Herr Strache?’ Interesting way to get into a political scene isn’t it? Anyway, it was coined up as a way to protest against the Freedom Party of Austria. We don’t know a whole lot about the party but all we have to know is that this passionate artist is a pacifist.

The brick that we were talking about isn’t a real brick although the initial idea WAS to use real bricks. But the artist thought that it would cause harm and maybe even some damage so, opted for a cardboard fake brick with a QR Code printed on it.

For those who don’t know what a QR Code is, it is actually otherwise known as a 2D barcode. What you do with a QR Code is to take out your smart phone or android mobile, load up the QR Code reader and snap a picture, i.e. scan, the QR Code. The result could be anything from simple text to a website URL. The QR Code technology is so versatile that it can contain quite a fair bit of information, you see. The use of QR Code is quickly picking up in many parts of Asia and Europe although the pick-up pace over here in America is still a little slower than we would like it to be.

For Andreas Balogh brick barcode, it leads directly to a facebook page/group that he and his friend(s) have created and those who are interested in finding out more information about the purpose of the group, can be a fan of it or add it up as a friend.

At the end of the day, they would like to know if the said brick can have as many or more friends than right wing politician Herr Strache. Someone told us that the group comprises of more than a-hundred-and-fifty members now and it HAS indeed more friends than the politician.

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