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QR Codes During NYC Fashion Week


It might seem like a surprise to some but I don’t think I am all that taken aback with the fact that Fashion Week used QR Codes in their campaigns. Fashion week came and fashion lovers saw QR Codes plastered and printed onto…well, just about anything that they can plaster the QR Code on. 

As it turns out, QR Code isn’t at all geeky…it is fashionable. 

If you do not know what a QR Code is, it is a type of smart phone technology pretty similar to the 2D barcoding system that we are using right now, the ones that they scan at the checkout counter. Except that, with QR Code, it is far more powerful, can contain more information and also you do not need a specific scanner to scan it. All you need is a smart phone and a freely downloadedable QR Code reader. In fact, creating your own QR Codes is free too


It was reported that during the Fashion’s Night Out event in NYC, there were QR Codes printed on a cute Barbie bus that went around the town, in an attempt to bring people to the event. The QR Code was also printed onto boxes of Barbie dolls too. The QR Code leads consumers and fashionistas to a mobile-friendly website running a contest. According to sources, when the QR Codes are scanned, the mobile user automatically enters a contest for a chance to win a dress in the design worn by the Barbie dolls. The Barbie dresses are from well-respected designers like Alexis Bittar, Tracy Reese, and Alice and Olivia. The jewelry worn by the Barbie dolls are available under the Tiffany & Co. line. 

Apart from that, QR Codes were also ‘printed’ on cookies which promoted a concert with gorgeous actress Leighton Meester. 

It seems that QR Codes was also printed on postcards and distributed out to pedestrians around Madison Avenue promoting Fashion Week. The QR Code encouraged people to participate in a fashion scavenger hunt. I am unsure as to how many people participated in the event but have to say that they have truly gone ahead to make full use of the technology.


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