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QR Codes Can Save Lives


When you look at QR Codes, you might think it is either too fancy or geeky. However, did you know that if we knew how to make use of it properly, it can do a whole lot more than just promote your Facebook or Twitter accounts? It can do charity and it can save lives. 

In Palm Coast Florida, there is a program called the MyInfo911 which uses the smartphone technology to provide information to rescuers or good samaritans whenever they found someone in need of medical or emergency aid. A card is printed with the holder’s name, a photo and also a QR Code. When the QR Code is scanned, it reveals the basic information for the person, for example, an emergency number, allergies, age, blood type and also any other specific pertinent medical information that can save the person’s life in the hospital. 

Here’s a shocking fact for all you readers to digest – there were more than two hundred and fifty thousand children who were injured and/or killed by way of car accidents every year. This means, seven hundred children actually are involved in these calamities every day on our roads. It is scary when you think of it that way and for some of them, they could have been saved if there was proper attention given to them at the point of the accident. 

Although grown-ups carry their identification with them most of the time, in their wallets, kids do not. They do not have the responsibility to identify themselves to authorities, hence, not required to carry identification cards. This is not only the way it works for the average American kid, it is the same almost everywhere else in the world. 

Under MyInfo911, rescuers who arrive at the scene can scan the QR Code on the card and an email or message is sent to the person who is in charge of the kid; on top of that, rescuers also gain access to medical conditions. This is not only helpful for young children in kindergartens or kids attending sporting events (where accidents sometimes happen), it is a wonderful device for students who are studying abroad or away from home. 

If you have a teenager studying in a city or state far from home, there is solace to be found in the fact that if something untoward happened to your kid, you will be notified as soon as possible. For the authorities, with the card, the need to scramble around to identify the child or parents’ contact number is eliminated. 


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