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QR Codes Can Be Used On Restaurant Menus


If you have not noticed this before, modern folks are more cautious about what goes into their tummies. When we were young, we never wondered how many calories we were consuming, if the meal was providing us with enough fiber or was it too much carbohydrate. Never. What we worried about back then was ‘were we getting enough food?’ or ‘is there any left?’

Anyway, we are fast-paced bunch of beings and we find that there are more and more people who opt to eat out during weekdays because of long working hours. This means we need to know what goes into the meal that we are ordering. But that is not possible. Or is it?

Well, with a QR Code, it is possible.

A restaurant can help consumers make more informed decisions by printing a QR Code:

1. Beside each item so that customers can scan the said item with a cell phone QR Code reader software so that they know what EXACTLY goes on the plate and the kind of nutrition they are getting

2. Print a general QR Code that leads the customers to a mobile website where they get to browse through all the items on the menu and make a decision on what they want to order based on the information.

Branding and loyalty. On top of helping customers make better decisions about what to order in the restaurant, customers also tend to feel more confident about coming to the restaurant again because when they leave, they are going to think: this place, they really have nothing to hide. The QR Code campaign also creates loyalty among your customers.

Because the QR Code can be saved or bookmarked into the cell phone, if the customer liked what they ate, they might even help promote the restaurant to others by sharing the QR Code with their friends, family members or work pals.

And that is not the end of it. Think about it, when they have a function, all they need to do is to log onto the mobile website, browse through, list down the items that they want for the function and then send an email right off.

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