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QR Codes Bring Stories to Readers in Coffee Shops


Tim LeVan Miller, a writer based in South Carolina, has launched a brand-new platform named Sips Card, which aims to bring local coffee shops or bars, readers and independent fiction all together. Through the Sips Card, short stories are delivered to coffee shop customers via QR codes.

How does this project really work, exactly?

Coffee drinkers at participating coffee shops can get a free Sips Card with their order. The Sips Card carries a quick response code, which, when scanned using a smartphone equipped with a QR code reader app, will treat the customer to a short story. The featured stories were written by independent writers and are short enough to be read in their entirety while you enjoy your drink.

The Sips Cards are venue-specific and also contain that particular coffee shop’s business information and contact details. On the card you will also find the story’s title, author and website.

Sips Card also encourages writers to submit short stories of up to 3,000 words until March 16. Writers or authors are not required to pay an entry fee and they can also retain the rights to their short stories.

We can think of so many reasons why the Sips Card is such a great concept. For one, if you are among those people who frequent coffee shops and love your cup of espresso to go, the Sips Card gives you something new to look forward to every time. It gives excitement to an otherwise dreary routine. We also think that this project allows those nameless writers to show their talent and let their stories be read, without going through the cut-throat world of publishing.

But the best thing about Sips Card? It’s the fact that it uses QR codes. Linking the QR codes to stories means that these QR codes can be scanned countless of times and for as long as the Sips Card stories server is up and running. Unlike those QR codes used for marketing promotions and advertisements, the Sips Card has potentially no expiry date, unless the stories are no longer there. You can keep the card and pass it on to someone who loves reading.

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