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QR Codes Are Not Online Tools


Quick response codes can be a great marketing tool for businesses. However, in planning a QR code marketing campaign, marketers need to understand a few things about these two-dimensional matrix barcodes, including their purpose and their most effective applications.

One of the most common mistakes we have seen lately has something to do with marketers or business owners not knowing that QR codes are basically offline tools and NOT online tools.

This means that putting your QR code on your Facebook page or on your website is rather useless or redundant. You can put your QR code on any offline marketing product – such as a poster, a billboard, a store sign, or even a business card – in order to connect consumers to your online properties or online content. So why use it on an online content to connect to yet another online content? If that’s the case, a simple link would suffice, and that would be even faster and more convenient.

Come to think of it, if you place your QR code on your website, it would take your site visitors way more time to whip out their smartphone and scan the code than it would if they just click on a direct link you provided. This is true regardless of where you want to redirect your site visitors.

In addition, if you are one of those who plan on using a QR code on your Facebook cover image, then you should be aware that this QR code would be purely be decorative. Why? Facebook has a new rule that actually prevents you from using calls-to-action on your cover images. And if you are really familiar with QR codes, then you should know how important CTAs are since they serve as invitations for consumers to go ahead and scan the code in exchange for something else – like more information about something or other forms or incentives.

If you want to know more about QR codes and what to do for a successful QR code marketing campaign, we have previous entries that may prove very helpful.

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