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QR Codes Are Boring And Bland


We’ve heard a lot of comments about QR Codes because we talk to a lot of people about it. We’re doing our bit to spread the passion, you see. And one of the things that we heard people say is that QR Codes are so bland and boring.

We went ahead to educate them about the MANY virtues of this amazing technology. However, we do agree that the overlapping black and whites are kind of boring – it’s like if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Although it’s not inspiringly beautiful to look at (that’s why we have artists, isn’t it?), they’re very powerful.  

So powerful that creative people deem it worth their time and attention. Artists and designers are no stranger to this fad and you can take the recent addition to the family of designers and artists, Marc Jacobs, as an example. They take the seemingly boring and bland QR Codes and turn them into a piece of art.  

The boon about QR Codes is that you can turn it into literally anything you want provided you mess nothing with the codes. Black and white is the universally eternal ‘in’ color, we think.  

In our website, www.beqrious.com, you can see that you can now add your own image into the QR Code, to make it more distinguishable. You can add your baby photos, an image of the current love of your life, a picture of your favorite stalk-worthy celebrity….or your pet worm. It doesn’t matter because once the image is uploaded, the codes will be changed so that you can use them, anyway.  

Many people have been tinkering with the possibility of incorporating colors, designs, shapes and photos into the QR Code – Pet Shop Boys being the first few to do so but have you ever seen people come up with a whole room design using QR Codes?

No? Well, here’s a first for us as well. Talk about brilliant….

This picture belongs to Beyond Media and you can check them out over at their Flickr page here.  

NOW do you still think QR Codes are boring and bland?

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