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QR Codes and SEO


As with any site owner, you should be very interested as to whether QR codes help your search rankings or not.

Therefore, we decided to look at whether QR codes help your SEO. Or does a QR code hurt your search rankings? We ask this question because we have recently come across an idea: Are links coming from QR codes being considered when it comes to ranking your Web site? Can the Google search spider discover links coming from a QR code?

This is an interesting question with an even more interesting answer. Nobody seems to know. Even people working for Google do not know.

So if you have a QR code on your Web page and it links to a mobile site, will that count as a link? Or will Google ignore the QR code?

We think that the spiders would not be able to read a QR code. Even though Google has been supporting QR codes since it started to become popular a couple of year ago, a QR code is still a graphic file, something that spiders would not be able to “read” and index.

Even if it were able to decode QR codes, we think that the QR code will not have Page Rank. So getting a link from a QR code will not help your Web site.

Still using a QR code is still very valuable. For one, it can drive up visitors to your site, which is basically the same goal you have with SEO.

It does make sense to incorporate your QR codes with your SEO campaigns. It can only help.

For example, you can now make use of keyword-rich URLs that can help you rank higher. For example, instead of using http://www.domain.com/123.html you can use http://www.domain.com/category/keyword1/keyword2.html

You would not have to worry about people getting your URLs wrong, especially on mobile because they do not need to tap in such a long address, they can just scan your QR code.

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