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QR Codes and Lazy Shoppers (Part 2)


In the first part of this article, we have raised this question:

Do we think thank QR codes are just a hassle for lazy or busy shoppers? Or do we think that, on the contrary, QR codes actually makes us lazy shoppers?

We think that it really depends on how you use the technology and why you are using it. If you scan a QR code to find out more about an item or a product, then it does not necessarily mean you’re too lazy to check it out inside the actual store. It only gives you the convenience to purchase goods wisely and gives you enough time left to perform other tasks and other activities.

Besides, a QR code linking to an online information page pertaining to a particular item allows you to be more vigilant when it comes to the things you buy for yourself and your family. Because of QR codes, gone are those days when you’d be just content checking out a product at face value. 0And nobody can call you lazy when you are only being vigilant.

Also, just because you are busy, on-the-go, and have a bunch of other things to do, it does not mean you’re being lazy or you refuse to lift a finger. If anything, you are only trying to do more things within your 24-hour day. Plus, time saved is either money saved or money earned.

As to that article on QR codes being a boon to lazy shoppers…

We think that expecting QR codes to do magic is too much to ask. QR codes already provide shoppers with a great amount of convenience, so what’s spending a few seconds more to scan a code?

The few seconds – or let’s say minutes – that you need to spend whipping out your phone, launching a QR code reader up, focusing your camera, snapping a picture of the code, and waiting for the online content to launch are all nothing compared to the amount of time you get to save from not having to jump from aisle to aisle looking for a particular item, not having to snake yourself through the shopping crowd, and not having to line up to pay for your purchases.

In short, it is only a matter of perception. And we still think that QR codes are more beneficial to society.

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