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QR Codes and Lazy Shoppers (Part 1)


We’ve read an article at iol.co.za about the writer’s take on whether QR codes – especially those we see in virtual retail stores– are a boon to lazy shoppers. At the same time, we’re also asking ourselves whether the effect is the opposite and instead makes lazy shoppers out of us.

The article notes that QR codes are supposed to be a one-click way to learn more about a product or an item. But, instead of this one-click shopping solution, it ends up requiring you to go through a multi-step process. This process involves taking out your mobile phone, launching your QR code reader app, holding your hand very still and allowing your phone’s built-in camera to focus on the code, snapping a photo of the code, and waiting for it to connect with the online content. If it turns out that you have shaky hands, you have to repeat the steps until you successfully scan the code.

As a result, lazy shoppers or shoppers who barely have the time to spare find QR codes more time-consuming than they actually are.

On the other hand, a lot of people also see QR codes as a tool that takes the joy away from shopping. Many see QR codes as giving shoppers the excuse not to enter a store anymore then carefully pick the goods he needs to purchase and line up to the cashier.

A lot of people find QR codes as tools that only eliminate tasks that we’ve all been doing for centuries. They contend that QR codes only make people more dependent on technology and the Internet, and that these codes only give them an excuse not to use their hands and feet in doing some physical tasks.

So whose side are we taking? Do we think that a QR code makes a shopper lazy or does it require more from a shopper than what it claims?

See what we have to say about these arguments in the continuation of this article.

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