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QR Codes and Bitcoins


If for anything, Bitcoin is an interesting piece of currency.

The virtual currency is now increasingly being used in real life. Some employees now accept Bitcoins as salary. Online shops and even brick and mortar retailers also see Bitcoins as legal tender that you can pay with. There are groups of ardent Bitcoin supporters as well.

As a currency, Bitcoin fluctuates wildly. It once reached a high of more than $1,200, but now it stands at around $700 to $800.

The good thing about exchanging Bitcoins is that you only need a smartphone with the app installed. To make the transfer easier, you could use a QR code too.

With a Bitcoin QR code, you can instantly pay somebody just by scanning their QR code.

But things are getting more curious.

In San Francisco, a “starving student” has put up posters asking people for some Bitcoin donations. Nobody really knows who the student is, but the signs ask for donations in exchange for good karma.

Let us be clear, however, that Bitcoins might be gaining acceptance, but that is not accepted everywhere. As it is right now, it is not entirely possible to live on Bitcoins alone. But you can probably sell it and use the money for something you need.

Still, we do understand why people would want to ask for Bitcoin donations. The starving student might be taking his or her cue from a college football fan that was at ESPN’s College Gameday broadcast. The student held up a sign that asked his mom to send Bitcoins. The student included a QR code with the sign.

Astonishingly, the student’s Bitcoin account has so far received around 23 Bitcoins. That is around $20,000!

The student gave back by donating 11 Bitcoins to charity. The lucky charity is Sean’s Outpost, an organization that feeds the homeless. Sean Outpost has earlier said that they were able to feed 22,000 people from Bitcoin donations!

We are quite aware that QR codes are rampantly being used to get or to transfer Bitcoins. But the Hi Mom sign was the first one to combine QR codes and television.

It does look like QR codes have found another use to add to its arsenal!

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