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QR Codes and Alcoholic Drinks Do Mix!


Have you have ever wanted to make your own beer or wondered what your favorite drink is made of? If you are in Colorado, you might want to head to Eagle and scan the QR codes found on their craft beers.

Bonfire Brewing is using QR codes on the labels of their craft beers to give out the recipe for a particular brand of their beer.

However, Bonfire Brewing owner Andy Jessen noted that they have not generated that many scans with their QR codes. Jessen estimates that less than 10 people have scanned their

QR codes, explaining that casual craft beer drinkers might not be that interested in making their own craft beers at home.

Jessen also says that he thinks that QR code will be going away and soon.

We beg to differ. QR codes have been showing up on the labels of alcoholic drinks for quite a number of years now. We first saw QR codes on wine bottles. These QR code give customers information on the type, age, bottler, place where it was bottled and other information that affects the taste and price of the wine.

Chateau Des Charmes, a Canadian winery, took it further, by using QR codes to educate their customers about the different kinds of wine that are available to them.

QR codes also helped people to buy a soldier a beer. 50 Back Brewing came up with QR codes that allowed people to donate money so that they could give away beers to soldiers who are posted in military bases in the Boston area. These buy-a-beer QR codes have been scanned more than 75,000 times, which gave more than 7,000 to Boston-stationed soldiers.

More importantly, bars and restaurants in Michigan have used QR codes printed on coasters to help people avoid driving while drunk. The QR codes give customers a list of cab companies that they could call if they have one drink too much.

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