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QR Codes Allow You to Sell More by Letting You Maximize Space

It is said that in Hong Kong, every square meter or space is very expensive. This is why the tiniest apartments could easily cost as much as a house in Australia. This is also the reason why there has been a rise in space-saving solutions for people there. It seems that QR codes are not spared from this trend.

Mall space in Hong Kong malls can be very steep. It can be as expensive as $2,000 per square foot. So what is a small business owner to do? Use a small QR code!

The Cube Store in the region has come up with an innovative use for QR codes. Instead of displaying merchandise, they are displaying QR codes. How does it work?

The Cube Store would rent out store space that is only one foot square. You can then use that space to display your products. It is not much so you have to be creative with your displays. And this is where QR codes come in.

Take the case of Ice Gel, a fingernail paint brand in Hong Kong. Ice Gel put up acrylic fingernails that featured various artistic designs in a mini-gallery. They also had a QR code included in their retail space. The result? They got 10% more bookings at their salon and 30% more people made inquiries via phone. Their mobile site also got more than 24,000 views and visits.

So instead of trying hard to decide which of your items to display inside the Cube Store, why not create a mobile site that catalogs all of your items and then come up with an eye-catching display where you can entice shoppers to look and scan your QR codes.

This shows that QR codes does not only make it possible for you to do business, but it allows you to do business in a cost effective manner. It is no longer just for virtual stores anymore, but you can use it for more interactive displays and in this case, allows you to get more out of a very expensive resource.

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