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QR Codes Allow You to Buy a Soldier a Beer


50 Back Brewing Company has been in businesses for more than two years now. All these while, they have been encouraging people to scan their QR codes to help buy a soldier a beer.

The company has been putting QR codes on their promotional materials, flyers, stickers, packaging, posters and everything they print. These QR codes, when scanned, would take customers to a Web page where customers could post a message to them on Twitter or Facebook, or buy beer for a soldier.

The customers are charged $1.99 if they want to buy a beer for somebody. Since launching the program, the company’s QR codes have received more than 75,000 scans. Out of these, they have sent more than 7,400 bottles of beer to soldiers stationed at military bases within the Boston area.

This is not a ploy to increase their revenues. The company has been very active when it comes to veterans and soldiers still in active duty. A bulk of their marketing goes to events for soldiers and product donations for soldiers and their families.

But the effort has definitely paid off, according to Kimberly Rogers, who founded the beer company together with Paige Haley. Rogers says that because of the campaign, the awareness for their brand increased and with that, the orders also increased. Their Facebook page and Twitter account has also seen more activity, with comments increasing ten times more than normal because of the QR codes.

This example only shows that it pays to use QR codes for your marketing, especially if you have spent a good deal of time planning what you are going to do with it, what type of information you are going to provide and what services you are going to give your customers using the QR code.

Also, it builds a solid case on the benefits of tracking your QR codes. This way, you would know if your campaign is succeeding or if there is anything you need to improve on. QRCodeTracking.com can help you not only generate a QR code, but also to monitor the scans you get from these QR codes and get the statistics easily for your review.

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