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QR Codes Against Drunk Driving



QR codes are gaining ground.  Now, these little square codes are used not only by businesses and individuals but by the government.

It does seem that we have been hearing a lot about QR codes being used for public service.  In Vancouver, QR codes are being used by the Vancouver Police to catch criminals there.  The VPD is putting up QR codes to get clues, tips and leads to help catch a serial sex attacker.

Over in Texas, they have found another use for QR codes in public service.  The Texas Department of Transportation are using QR codes to help lessen the number of drunken driving accidents, especially as Super Bowl XLV neared.

The QR codes are included in posters that say “Win or Lose, It’s How You Get Home”.

The state has had more than 1,200 drunk driving deaths in 2009 alone, making it the number 1 state with the most drunk driving related deaths that year.  Most of these incidents involved drivers that had more than 0.08 percent alcohol in their blood.

Texas DOT’s Tracie Mendez recognizes the dangers and then came up with the posters.  Banking on the proliferation of mobile phones, the program aimed to educate bar and restaurant employees and empower them to feel safer when sending drunken customers on their way.

Mendez notes that QR codes are for the tech-savvy, and most 18-34 year olds know what to do with them.  These are their target audience.

The Texas DOT then partnered with the area’s small businesses to display the QR coded posters.  When scanned, the QR codes take users to a mobile site at TexasDWI.org.  It invites people to “choose their ride” as it presents to them various options of transportation, in clickable formats.

The ultimate goal was to get people to take a cab rather than drive.  The mobile site allows you to enter a ZIP code or location and you are presented with a list of nearby taxi services and their phone numbers.  You could also get information on limo services, bus routes and walking paths.  If you got wasted and forgot where you put your wallet, you can contact friends through Twitter or Facebook.  And just so you do not get any ideas, the site also has information on the nearest jail, bail bondsman and lawyer.


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