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QR Codes A Big Thing For Small Businesses


This is absolutely of no surprise at all…small businesses are always looking for budget-friendly ways to introduce, promote, sell, increase the profit for their small businesses. Without a large budget, can you blame them for believing in the magic of QR Codes?

In Lakewood, there is one beer and wine business owner who is going to bank in on QR Code marketing, believing that the QR Code that is plastered on the signboard in front of his store works. Manny Rai also has one plastered on the front window. At the moment, Manny Rai, the owner of the said beer and wine business, went ahead and made a 3-foot QR Code and hung it at the top of his shop. From the picture found on the internet, it sure is a head-turner.

According to Rai, there are right about 8 to 1o people who actually takes the time stop and scan the QR Code every day. While most do it because they were curious, it is still an encouraging news. Sure, it is nothing compared to what the likes of Macy’s and Pepsi are doing but it is still an improvement and shows marketing savviness. Apparently, a code of that size can be scanned from as far as forty feet away from the store. And even if people DID NOT scan the code, some would actually ask about it. Eventually, as they switch to a new phone, I am pretty sure that they will start scanning the QR Code just to see it for themselves.

An owner of trendy Bistro 185 located down in Cleveland started using QR Codes in ads for a year now and he shares a very optimistic belief in it. His enthusiasm is unwavering, a fact shown in the fact that he has no way of monitoring or tracking the effectiveness of the QR Codes and yet continues to use if, believing that it is working anyway. He believes that QR Codes is not a fad because mobile phones are no longer just phones…they are mobile computers.

A marketing big gun once mentioned that small companies are comparatively slower to hop onto new tech bandwagons because their receptiveness for anything new is dampened by a shallow budget, lack of time and they also take a longer time to learn and adopt a new technology. On the other hand, of the ones who DO use QR Codes as a part of their marketing campaign, they do it for the cool factor.

But remember, folks, even if you are doing it for the cool factor, do it right. Point it to something really exciting or if there is anything exciting at that point, at the very least, make the website mobile-friendly.

I am sorry for repeating this but it’s a real pain if the site is not mobile-friendly and I am sure that it is a big turn-off for interested people who are new to the technology.

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