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QR Coded Toilet Paper Helps Promote HIV-AIDS Awareness


An Italian group supporting people with HIV-AIDS and working to help stop the spread of the disease is promoting public awareness about it by using quick response codes. More specifically, the group, called Sieropositivo.it, printed QR codes on tissue paper as part of its campaign against the transmission and the spread of the HIV virus.

Sieropositivo.it is a voluntary organization that aims to give individuals affected by HIV or AIDS certain digital services that help them fight isolation and loneliness.

This Sieropositivo.it campaign has been designed to particularly target women. This is because, according to statistics, the transmission of HIV among Italian women has increased in recent years.

As part of the campaign, toilet rolls were printed with QR codes and placed in restrooms of various clubs and restaurants in Rome and Milan. These venues have organized various events that are dedicated to women.

The toilet paper rolls, as well as stickers, posed the question “When you use a public restroom, do you fear diseases?” in Italian, together with the QR code. The code, when scanned using a mobile device with a QR code reader application, will take the scanner to the ToiletThink website at http://www.toiletthink.it/ Toilet Think is what this particular social campaign is called.

The Toilet Think site contains information related to the disease, which also includes info that details the importance of women being able to protect themselves, all the time and without exception.

Sieropositivo.it, however, is not the first to print QR codes on toilet paper. In 2009, Nishitokyo City Hall in Japan placed QR Codes on its toilet paper in order to encourage voters in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election to vote wisely. These QR codes resolved to a mobile website that contained important information about the election, as well as links to the Election Commission Secretariat.

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