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QR Coded Pajamas, Anyone?


QR codes are everywhere nowadays and it seems that we have seen it used for just about any purpose. Until now.

How about we tell you that you can use a QR code to help your kids fall asleep?

A dad in Idaho Falls have come up with a great idea of using mobile apps and dotted codes to make bedtime a lot more fun for the tots.

When you buy a smart pajama designed by Juan Murdoch, you can use your smartphone to tell your kid a bedtime story or sing them a lullaby. The Smart PJs have dotted codes on them as part of its design.

You would need to download their mobile app and scan these codes. Each code will take you to a different lullaby or bedtime story.

So your kids can just put on the pajamas, scan, and fall asleep listening!

Although the Smart PJs do not use QR codes, you can still have the same effect with QR codes.

Why not make it simple and just use customized QR codes. You can add more color and even have images on customized QR codes. For example, you can use an image of three bears for a QR code that resolves to the Goldilocks and the Three Bears bedtime story. This time, your kids would not have to second-guess about what bedtime story will be read to them.

Also, most people already have a QR code app on their mobile phones, ensuring that more people would be able to use them out of the box.

Juan Murdoch has come across a great idea here. It makes bedtime a lot more fun with the kids and a lot less time consuming for the parents. What’s more, it has made use of technology that every kid and parent already has. So how is that for wearable technology?

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