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QR Code Will Be The Norm


At BeQRious.com, we are consistently on the prowl for news on how the QR Code technology can and WILL change the way we live and do business. Through the grapevine, we’ve heard of many companies, organizations and individuals trying to push through QR Code projects or incorporating QR Codes into the daily activities in order to promote a more effective working and living environment.

2D barcodes are far more versatile than the conventional 1D barcode and it has helped in any aspects, including manufacturing, maintenance, tracking, quality control, customer service and production. Industries that feared the approach of the 2D barcode system before have started to explore the idea because the 2D barcode system has become so versatile that it is now possible for them to embrace it. With the help of new scanning technology, these industries will thrive at double the rate and penetrate new markets easily.

The QR Codes system carries with it an amazing capacity to contain intelligent information and it can be used to transfer, share or even drive systems or process information in any kind of situation.

Although the usage of QR Codes is predominantly used in Asian and European countries at this moment, Americans and other parts of the world is slowly warming up to the idea. The growing number of iPhone and web-enabled mobile phones is a force that propelled the QR Code technology. Workers have been seen logging into systems, operating machines, retrieving private information, boarding flights, buying tickets, identifying themselves with QR Codes in their mobile phones. You can even pay with your mobile phone now!

In the medical industry in some countries, patients in hospitals are given wrist-bands with a QR Code printed on them. All information including ward information, health records, medication, doctor’s name, etc is buried within the unassuming conglomeration of black and white boxes on the wristband.

The fad is spreading faster than ever in this information age because of the much-improved imaging and scanning technology that makes the QR Code even more effective and all-inclusive. Not only are there more external scanners made available in the market available for industrial use, mobile phone scanning programs have been released ever since early last year.

It’s my personal opinion that now that the consumers’ tongues are wagging, curiosity awoken, it would be hard for big brand names to ignore the whole QR Code concept. Sooner or later, they would have no choice but to side-step their skepticism and accept the fact that QR Code is more than just a passing fad. In the future, QR Code will become the norm.

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