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QR Code vs. Conventional Barcode


Consumer behavior is set to change for the better. In 1994. Denso Wave started using a type of barcode for their robots industry. It spread over to the car manufacturing industry. The rest of the world never really got it – and continued to use our conventional barcode system while the Japanese kept the goodness to themselves. Or rather, we never really saw the potential that QR Code technology had. Unlike the standard barcode system in use today, QR codes are far more powerful and can contain much more information. While out current barcoding system holds information only one-way, QR Code holds info both vertically and horizontally.

In comparing the current barcoding system with QR Codes, we also note that QR Code is really about convenience.

In order to access the information contained within our current barcode system, we need a special scanner. The type of scanner and system isn’t cheap. Therefore, you don’t see them in households and the system’s use continues to be restricted to retailers and larger businesses.

Creating a QR Code is absolutely free. In fact, creating a QR Code with OUR QR code generator is absolutely free of charge. And if you own a smart phone or an android phone, just download a free QR Code reader from the internet and you are good to go. The difference is that QR Code can be accessed by anyone and is affordable. There is no need for an expensive special scanner.

Individuals don’t just use QR Codes to find out the price of a product. It helps consumers interact with marketers, manufacturers and other individuals too. For example, Best Buy used QR Codes on all their products and when scanned, consumers gain instant in-depth information. Gap used QR Codes to bring videos of their new jeans to those interested and also to promote ideas and bring in reviews.

“It is free of charge and that really, frankly, got my attention…first. And then when I found out that I could actually use it to download stuff, view videos and all the things that I wished I could do with a simple click, I just had to love it. No two ways about it,” Celia, a 24-year-old self-professed internet junkie, said.

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  2. im my own boyfriend September 3, 2012, 3:52 am

    neilson sound scan is the major music tracker in the world and they prefer barcode.

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