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QR Code Used To Promote Stunning Somerset


Life in the fast lane can get to anyone. Living in a big city like London would get to you too if you didn’t have a good network of friends and a nice family to go home to. That’s, perhaps, what http://www.intosomerset.co.uk/ is try ing to do….to get people to move themselves, their family and their businesses to Somerset.

It’s said that Somerset is only about 2 hours away from London – the hustle and bustle of city life will be far enough but still near enough. What prompted this post was the fact that some London commuters spotted some QR Codes when they were racing to work one day. The QR Codes were placed on some posters as part of their railway poster promotion, encouraging people to move away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The campaign is commissioned by the Inward Investment Body and they are inclined to feature as many of these QR Code posters as possible in railway stations.

The QR Code, if you’re QRious, leads cell phone users into Somerset’s mobile website. In the website, they explain why small businesses and families will find a better life to be led in Somerset compared to London. Well, it depends on one’s inclination, we think, because if the promotion is targeting middle-age people with kids and dogs and gardens, using QR Codes might not be the most effective way to spread the message. Middle-aged folks are not too enthusiastic about getting to know the QR Code technology.

On the flip side, because of the current state of our economy, more and more business people are exposed to what the QR Code technology can do; hence, they know what it is all about. And besides, most business people have switched from using the conventional cell phones to blackberry’s, iPhones and other types and brands of Smart Phones.

Looking at what is in the website, we strongly agree that Somerset is astonishingly beautiful and think that they might be right about having the countryside, beautiful coastline and clean air on your side. The inconveniences of living away from the ever-buzzing London may turn out to be a good thing, after all.

Anyway, it’s great to know that QR Codes are being used to promote this because whatever’s touched our radar so far are advertisements for movies, musicians, and artistic works of art. This is refreshing.

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