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QR Code Treasure Hunt Holiday Game


Traveling is awesome but imagine if you’re going to an amazing place like Paris, or Florida or New York and you’re on a treasure hunt? Imagine if you are holding onto a book with strips of seemingly nothingness until you put the whole thing together, scan the square thing with your cell phone and THEN you get the message, and then solve the puzzle right there and then?

Would THAT be more fun?

If adventure and treasure hunts are your things, then you’re going to love what we have to tell you today. Anyway, an Italian company LOG607 came up with an incredibly playful and fun way to help avid travelers and tourists explore the world. The website’s in Italian and we can’t read a word in there, but we don’t need to. All we need to know that the idea is fantastic and we SHOULD come up with something like this ourselves.

Last year, the company launched a game called ‘WhaiWhai’ which means ‘to search for’ which is, essentially a treasure hunt for tourists who are not familiar with a particular place. You’ll have to purchase a book which contains pre-printed QR Codes in them. Sounds like a map to you? Nope, it’s more exciting than that. The books were basically for people who wanted to tour Europe (obviously) because more people in Europe and Asia are accustomed to using QR Codes compared to us in the States. So, there were books on Venice, Florence and Verona.

So, if you wanted to visit Venice, you purchase the book on Venice and then inside the books, you’ll find jumbled up puzzles and strips of stuff that you can’t quite make out. Even the QR Codes, we heard, is unreadable without you solving the puzzle first. When you’re done solving it, you put the strips together and there you have it!

The CEO of the company, Tomas Barazza, calls it a story. And through that story, you find out where to go next. And once you’ve solved one, you’ll get more to solve and more places to visit. The way it works is simple. When the tourists find the answer, they send a text message to verify if the answer is correct. If it is, they get another one.

Now, wouldn’t you want to come up with a touristy treasure hunt like this for OUR country?

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