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QR Code To Enhance A Shopper’s Experience


In the minute that you spend looking around for someone to answer your question about a product, you could have gotten your answer.

This is how we look at it when you incorporate QR Codes together with a customer’s shopping experience in a retail outlet. Let’s say a shop owner sticks a unique QR Code for each of its products and when a customer has questions about the product, the customer whips out her phone, scans the QR Code and sends her question to a sales person. Inside the office, someone receives her question and instantly posts an answer. If there is a need for it, a sales person will be assigned to go directly to the customer and address the question. It completely changes the way consumers shop when there is a QR code, not to mention the fact that the customer is more inclined to come back to shop here again.

This is precisely what TrackPlus is doing. The company have come up with something called the Quick Response Server (QRS) which aims to help retail outlets improve customer’s shopping experience.

Large retail outlets like malls, DIY stores like IKEA, warehouses and electronics stores will most likely make use of the technology because the products sold in these retail outlets require the most hands-on assistance.

In fact, with the said QR code service, if there is a need for the customer to be attended to face-to-face, while waiting for sales rep to arrive, the customer can choose to play a game or enter a contest while waiting. This gives the retail outlet the chance to promote products or offer the customer a small discount too.

On the business side, the QR Code can also provide them with an efficiency report – the customer scans the QR Code and then the response time can be tracked. Using the information, the business can then improve on the lag time, if any.

Everyone’s talking about how Google is already launching a hundred upon millions of dollars project related to mobile marketing and QR Code. But that is not all, in a recent survey done, it was shown that approximately forty percent of those surveyed owned a smart phone with QR Code capabilities and nearly twelve percent of those interviewed who did not have a smart phone yet intends to purchase one in the very near future

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