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QR Code To Encourage People To Driver SMART On The Road


With the increase in the number of cars comes the increased number of road accidents. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users comes the increase of unnecessary incidents on the road as people pursue things more rapidly.

No, this is not a community service message, but definitely is one that could save lives.

Surrey police force are all geared up to solve the problem of dangerous driving with technology – QR Code. The message is to try to stop drivers from using their hand-held devices whenever they are behind the wheel. The QR Code was said to lead road users who were interested to more information like videos, media files, and advertisements for the Drive SMART campaign.

That is not all – there was an event held at Redhill High Street recently that attracted a reasonable number of people, although we are not sure how many of them were there as a result of the QR Code campaign. During the event, driving packages were offered and so were refresher courses which were all donated by the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy. The big brand name must have been one of them who suggested or supported the use of QR Codes to promote the campaign and event.

If QR Code technology can be used to save lives and prevent unnecessary accidents on the road, it is all for the better. On top of that, with the QR Code, it made spreading the message faster, easier, and more affordable. You don’t need to keep and hand out brochures and flyers everywhere – just sharing the QR Code amongst friends and family members and asking them to spread the QR Code around will be quite enough.

We think that QR Codes has been used for a good cause this time. The message of ‘leave your phone alone when driving’ was said to have been felt deeply and people who attended the event were deeply affected by the message.

The strong message is: There is absolutely no phone call that is so important that you have to risk your life for it. None whatsoever, so leave your phone alone when driving. When you arrive at your destination, there is all the time in the world to return the call.

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