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QR Code To Bring Better Food Choices To The Table


In the speedy world that we live in today, it is safe to say that more and more people prefer making healthier and better choices in terms of what they put into their stomachs. Forbes employee, Steve Nathan, an advocate of proper eating, fruits and vegetables and also a tech enthusiast seems to have found a way to bring healthy food options to your cell phones and personal computers by founding Nutrienz, which is, by the way, a non-profit organization. 

He says that despite it still being newly launched, there are already plans to roll out a social networking website (I suspect it being a Facebook page), a QR Code marketing campaign and also a site featuring a network of farming sites (sort of a like a directory). The purpose of these sites is simple – to bring together groups of people or communities who care about what they eat by supporting local farmers and producers. 

This is not the first time Nathan’s embarked on something as illustrious and nature-conscious. Some time back, he said he got together with the US Dept of Agriculture in an attempt to combine mobile technology with….well, fruits and vegetables. 

Being an advocate of healthy eating is fab and all but thankfully, Nathan is a man who is also mobile-savvy, noting the widespread use of QR Codes and mobile internet. He hopes to promote Nutrienz with a unique QR Code campaign too and expect it to slowly roll out in the next couple of months. On top of that, the ambitious man also have plans to partner up with some people to create a series on his favorite subject…yes, you have guessed right…fruits and vegetables!

Based on what was said about the QR Code campaign, Nathan have every intention to bring the QR Code into as many malls, hypermarkets, and supermarkets as he can. All the codes, according to the article, are unique and will help consumers make better decisions before they buy a particular fruit. For instance, if you are at the supermarket and is looking at green and yellow bell peppers and is confused about which one to buy, all you need to do is scan the QR Code for green bell peppers and then the one for the yellow bell peppers to read the benefits of both of them before making your decision. 

It may lengthen the time you need to do your groceries shopping but hey, when it comes to food and health, every minute spent on learning about it is worth it! 


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