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QR Code Tidbits: Simon and Schuster + Bloomberg’s Report on QR Codes

Simon and Schuster’s new books to be released in the fall will now have a QR code on the book jackets. The company hopes that these QR codes would help boost signups to their newsletters.

When readers scan the QR codes, they will be taken to the author’s mobile site hosted on the publisher’s website. They can then browse the author’s other works, watch an interview with the author and sign up for e-mail alerts.

Ellie Hirschhorn, executive vice president and chief digital officer at Simon & Schuster, says that the promotion is a low budget marketing effort, that helps them to “market future books and authors” in an inexpensive way. Hirschhorn also says that other publishers who have used QR codes in their marketing have shown good results.

Bloomberg Reports on Effective QR Codes

Meanwhile, Bloomberg.com wrote about three QR code marketing efforts. As a follow-up to his earlier report, Mark Milian wrote about three companies that were happy with their QR code efforts.

1. Amtrak. Amtrak uses QR codes for their e-ticketing systems. Passengers now only have to use their smartphones to get tickets for their train rides, showing it to the conductor when they are on board.

2. Target. The retailer placed QR codes on children’s bedding items. When customers scanned these QR codes, they are told just which Benjamin Moore paint to buy.

3. Enterprise Rent-a-Car. Putting QR codes on keychains and car windows, the car rental service was able to give their customers more information about their vehicles straight from the manufacturer’s website.

Read Milian’s article here: http://go.bloomberg.com/tech-blog/2012-06-29-3-qr-codes-people-actually-scan/

Branded the Movie: The Content Behind the QR Codes

Branded, the movie, is perhaps the one movie that has used QR codes the most in its marketing. We’ve reported about this before.

But did you know that the movie is employing a series of QR codes that resolve to various content? The movie blog MovieViral.com has cracked the future QR code content and we must say that it is a great assortment of weird and interesting content about conspiracy theories, strange happenings and odd news, along with stills from the movie and a link to the movie’s official sites.

Just a sampler of where the QR codes would take you to:

Poster for the film

A still from the movie

The movie’s Facebook page

An article about the Denver International Airport and why it is evil

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