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QR Code Thunders Through Thailand


Already, the hype has reached another country. Well on its way to making its mark in developing countries all around Asia, QR Code technology is now sweeping through Thailand. TrueMove, as it turns out, is launching a collaborative effort with MediaSeek Japan to enhance knowledge about QR Code technology and encourage downloading of QR Code readers amongst mobile-friendly Thais. The consumers were generally educated about how they can use QR Code for online shopping, TV shopping, marketing campaigns, board a plan or download a discount coupon.

There are, it was said, even bigger plans at an even bigger scale, for the year 2010. At this point in time, they are working on a per-transaction charging QR Code system that allows for a fair revenue share.

For rookie techie wannabes, here’s the lowdown on QR Code. They are basically 2D barcodes that are not unlike the current technology that we are using right now. The only difference is in the fact that QR Code can contain a whole lot more information, is cell phone friendly and leads to all sorts of stuff like links, text messages, coupons, download media, etc.

It has been touted as the link between reality and the Cyber World.

The company’s representative expressed that the QR Code system will pave a natural and easy pathway for future developments in the 3G mobile service industry. Thais will soon have the luxury of replacing Interactive Voice Response technology with QR Codes.

They are merely touching the tip of the ice berg with a launched a campaign that encourages Thais with smart phones to download QR Code readers. The next stage, with more people being aware of the technology and have readily-available QR Code readers installed into your cell phones, prepaid card users will have the option of using their phones to scan QR Codes and instantly top-up their credits.

There is more to come – for example, QR Codes leading to ringtone sites (which is another amazingly big and profitable thing in Asia)

The Prepaid card mobile phone service is a big thing in Asia, as opposed to the conventional post-paid system in the West. Already, multiple brand names and companies have expressed an interest in expanding their marketing campaigns to encompass mobile marketing.

With that said, Thais enjoy a parallel appreciation for up-and-trendy technology…the second country in Asia to surf up on the QR Code wave.

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